The Walk It Off MethodThe Walk It Off Method

Virtual Health Coaching Available to Anyone, Anywhere!

The Walk-It-Off-Method helps busy adults Lose 12lbs in 12 Weeks with nutrition, exercise & mindset coaching

The Walk It Off Method

The Walk-It-Off Method is a 12-week comprehensive online health coaching program that helps adults create permanent changes that contribute to weight loss and improved health and fitness!


A walking program is an accessible and maintainable way to lose weight and improve a variety of health conditions. The program gradually increases over a few weeks


Personalized nutrition plans that have easy-to-follow objectives. The goal is to prove to you that you can lose weight and improve your health without giving up the foods you love.


If you are not sleeping well your health and weight loss attempts will be hindered. Members are provided with evidence-based strategies for improving the quality and quantity of their sleep.


The reason why we often end up starting and stopping lifestyle habits is because we do not address the cause of our behaviour. Members are coached through regular mindset work to undue thought patterns that sabotage their success. Reworking these thought patterns is a must for long term success.

Accountability & Problem Solving

Your health coach is in contact with you almost every day to ensure you are achieving your daily and weekly objectives. Weekly online check-ins and monthly virtual meetings also help ensure members are getting the most out of their time in the program. If an aspect of the program isn't working for you, or if your goals are not being achieved, your health coach is there to help you problem solve and pivot.

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