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Community Fitness Classes in Brampton, ON

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Community Fitness Classes

These classes are for anyone, no matter your fitness level coming in. Our Community Fitness Classes are Coach lead from start to finish. Our Coaches will make sure you are moving safely through your workout and are doing movements and rep schemes that are appropriate for you and your situation. Here is a brief breakdown of how our classes are broken up and run.

1) Warm-up

General movement patterns with the focus on gradually increasing heartrate, increasing body temperature, working on mobility  and  priming the body for exercise.

2) Movement Prep

This is where we spend time learning how to perform the movements of the workout of the day. We pride ourselves on the attention we pay to how our members move. This is slowed down section of the workout is a great way for you to learn proper mechanics when lifting weights in a highly controlled environment.

3) Workout of the Day

Every day this will be something different. Some days there is a focus on strength and weightlifting elements, other days there is a focus on cardio and conditioning, and then there are days that are a blend of the two. We ensure that we are training all energy systems and muscle groups in the most balanced way possible. Your Coach will make adjustments to these workouts daily to better suit your needs making these types of workouts great for anyone, no matter your goals!

*Classes are never longer than 60 minutes

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