Lindsay Branton

Lindsay Branton

Registered Kinesiologist / Co-Owner


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Lindsay Branton is a Registered Kinesiologist who holds a practice at Abbott Chiropractic & Health Care. Her work primarily focuses on concussion assessment and treatment, obesity care, and low back injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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Concussion Services

Baseline testing for athletes, Concussion assessment, Concussion rehabilitation

Lindsay played competitive soccer for a number of years and played in the Ontario Women's Lacrosse league as a goalie. Her involvement in competitive sport, along with complications from health issues, resulted in a number of concussions. After years of experiencing a broad range of symptoms including lack of sleep, resting tremors, memory loss, high blood pressure, tachycardia (high resting heart rate), GI issues, chronic pain, recurring injuries, exhaustion, and lack of coordination, Lindsay was diagnosed with persistent post concussion syndrome. She battled through the health care system, being cleared of more sinister causes for her symptoms but never being helped, until she finally found a functional neurologist who was able to absolve the majority of her symptoms.

Lindsay's experience with concussions is the reason she became certified in concussion management after becoming a kinesiologist. Today, she cares for people in her community who have been affected by concussion by identifying which areas of the brain have been affected and designing rehab programs specific to their injuries. She is happy to report 100% of her patients have had their symptoms resolved and have been able to return to sport or back to their daily activities.

Obesity Services

Lindsay has always been interested in obesity and the nuances that exist in weight loss. Growing up, she was always one of the most active people in her group; she ate healthier than the majority of her peers, and yet she was always heavier than those around her. She could lose weight, but only to a certain point. Growing up in two worlds that are focused on physical appearance - sport and theatre - this caused a lot of distress. As an adult, Lindsay now knows how much of a role genetics play in how our body develops. Watching many of her family members struggle with obesity and the biased (lack of) care that they received has made Lindsay passionate about providing evidence-based, realistic, and respectful care for those struggling with weight loss and obesity. She is a regular participant in Obesity Canada's education events and has even created a robust program specifically for those who struggle with weight management called The Walk-It-Off Method.

Low Back Services

Low back injuries can completely stop your life. Lindsay experienced this first hand when she was younger and an injury resulted in a shallow disc bulge at L3/L4, a central disc herniation at L4/L5, and a broad-based disc bulge at L5/S1 causing bilateral nerve pain down her legs. She also developed facet syndrome. The recovery process was long, but she was very lucky to be under the care of the experts at Abbott Chiropractic. Their ability to explain exactly what they were prescribing and why was comforting and educational. She eventually became an intern at the clinic, shadowing Dr Cambridge's biomechanical consults and completing all 3 of the McGill Method courses. Now Lindsay uses her expertise to provide safe and effective low back exercise prescriptions for people recovering from injury or striving to prevent it.

Low back assessment, low back rehab, low back injury prevention

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