James Edward Hargave

James Edward Hargave



University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, May 2006

AAAI Master Certification

AAAI Total Body Strength Training

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Work with Physiological doctor and Chiropractor to design rehab programs

Experience in designing everyday living programs for clients.


Sport Specific Training

Team Training

Varsity Athlete Prep

Personal Training

Physio-Covered Rehab Sessions

Physio-Covered Training for Adults and Athletes

About Coach

Hello my name is James Hargrave III, originally from New Jersey. I completed my degree in Sociology at UCONN while training and playing football. I have achieved several of my athletic dreams through playing football in Europe for the Hamburg Sea Devils where I won the World Bowl Championship. I also earned a Linebacker position with the Detroit Lions, and the Hamilton Tiger Cats. I have since shifted my focus to training adults and youths to assist them with realizing their dreams and goals. I have earned my AAAI Master Certification in Personal Training in the US and have a decade of training experience. My specialties include the acquisition of speed, strength, power, jumps, endurance and flexibility. I have seven years of experience with strengthening and conditioning after injuries. My interest as a coach is reaching the client's goal, but also building a relationship of trust.

Turning Point

Being raised around sports my entire life, you would think I would love to workout. Well that wasn’t the case. I actually hated working out. All my friends were taking trips and enjoying their summer. I was on the beach running in the sand and doing drills. It wasn’t until my Dad introduced me to weightlifting, that my love for training had changed. Once my football season started that same summer I started lifting weights, I realize the people who were stronger and faster than me, were no longer beating me in any conditioning workouts or strength exercises. My father had given me the tool to be able to compete at a higher level than before. My weightlifting programs carried on to high school were I competed in Power Lifting Competitions and became one of the strongest high schoolers on the East Coast. I continued my journey with lifting and became the pound for pound strongest football player in my college. Strength and conditioning training has changed my life, this is why I continued to live by the lessons I have learned till this day.

Motivation & Passion

My motivation to help others, young and experienced is to show them the positive effect training can have on you mentally and physically. My father was a big guy at 6 foot 3 and well over 330lbs. When we started working out together my dad had an irregular heartbeat and was on tons of medication. I came to my father and said, “It’s my turn to help you.” We started to train together and with Commitment, Blood, Sweat, and Tears, my dad was down to 215 pounds, his heart was stronger than ever and he was taken off of all medication. My dad lived a very healthy life after losing weight. Sadly, he passed away 3 years ago due to cancer. I share my story because my passion for training comes from my father and the life he lived when he was healthy. The joy I remember seeing on his face is what I want to share with the world. If you are dedicated to yourself, you can do ANYTHING. My Motivation and Passion is to bring fight, determination, commitment and love to working out.

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