Ekaterina Rodin

Ekaterina Rodin

Virtual Training Coach


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

Precision Nutrition Coach L1

Exercise Therapist L1 Certified

1st Degree Kukkiwon Certified Black Belt (Olympic Style WT - TKD)


virtual Personal Training

Virtual physio-covered rehab sessions

Virtual physio-covered personal training

About Coach

As long as I can ever remember, I have always loved being outdoors and moving my body. I was the kid climbing fences, trees, and jumping and flipping from ridiculous heights off swings at the park. It is just pure joy. Luckily for me, movement is also a fabulous way to keep various biomarkers of health in check, and is an outlet for stress, building energy, developing confidence, feeling inspired, boosting mood and so on. In my free time I love to research new topics on nutrition, longevity and achieving optimal biomarkers for energy & performance, growing organic produce with my partner and choreographing/performing aerial silks acts. That being said, from an early age, coaching has been the path to sharing my love of movement and helping others gain these amazing benefits in mind and body.

Turning Point

At 11 years old I finally joined an organized sport (outside of school stuff like cheerleading and track): Taekwondo. This boosted my discipline, technique, and sharpened my focus in the world of sport. By 15 I earned my Black Belt and began instructing. Being somewhat quiet and introverted, the new challenge for me was finding a voice. The unexpected shift was to quickly build confidence speaking in front of a large group of students, which ended up turning into something that I now find to be the most rewarding for me personally in the field of coaching: seeing my students build confidence in themselves and their potential through using their voice, posture, perseverance and achieving their goals. It’s the best feeling. Since then teaching has always been a part of my life. Through curiosity I dabbled in the world of ballroom and latin dance and went on to teach that for about a year and a half before returning to my roots in TKD. As the years go on I continue to seek further professional development and have recently finished my teacher training for Aerial Silks & Hoop, have earned my NASM Personal Trainer, Exercise Therapy L1, and Nutrition Coach Certifications.

Motivation & Passion

We live our lives mostly around our habits and emotions. So why not combine good habits with good emotions? One of the biggest challenges I've seen some people have with "getting their workout in" is that it seems unachievable or like a chore. The truth is that movement, in whatever form accessible and any given time period, is for everybody, and can be enjoyable through encouragement, community, and having that sense of achievement that you showed up for yourself today. You do not have to fit a certain stereotype to enjoy moving your body and reap its many life-enhancing rewards. The stars do not need to align for you to earn the right to the joy of movement. You just have to: 1. Show Up and move in whatever way you can today 2. Enjoy what you're doing and be proud of your commitment 3. Be consistent. Rinse & Repeat. And in no time it becomes a way of life that feeds positive energy, longevity and confidence.

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