Brennon Lundy

Brennon Lundy

Coach and Co-Owner


Humber College Diploma- Fitness and Health Promotions,

CrossFit L1

CrossFit L2

BackFitPro 1&3

Darby Kettlebell Systems

About Coach

I started in fitness at a young age. I played many high-level sports as a kid and teenager, traveling and competing all across Ontario. Through sports, I was exposed to the gym and training for performance. I loved working out and seeing my abilities in sports and life improve because of it.

Turning Point

When I went away to school at 18, I stopped playing sports and working out regularly. I never developed good eating habits when I was younger because I got away with it being a highly active person. When my activity levels slowed and I continued to eat however I wanted, I started to gain weight. In my second year, I was the biggest (about 40 lbs overweight), unhealthiest, and unhappiest I had ever been. Desperate to make a change, I signed up for a membership at the local gym. I started going a couple of times a week and being more conscious of what I was eating. It took a few months to get into a good routine. I was frustrated with not being in the same shape I once was but knew I had to keep going to get back there. By the end of the school year, I had lost all of my excess weight gains, and was feeling stronger and more confident, and more like my old self. I applied for a job at the gym I was working out and became a member ambassador. From that point on, I knew I wanted to work in fitness and help others find the same success I had found. I would later go on to become a Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach and eventually go back to school for Fitness and Health Promotions at Humber College.

Motivation & Passion

My wife Lindsay and I started TMF because we saw a need in our families and communities. So many people struggle with their health and fitness. We also recognized that most gyms cater and advertise to people who like exercise and being active. We wanted to do the opposite (against the advice from other professionals and mentors we met in school) and wanted to help the people who need it the most. We understood that creating behavior change can be difficult and scary for some so we set out to create an environment where people would feel safe, encouraged, and everyone welcome. This is what sets us aside from most other gyms. You do not have to come here already being an athlete or active, we will meet you where you're at and help you however we can. We are passionate about educating our members, encouraging them to stay on track, and helping them live healthier and happier lives.

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