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"I once heard an entrepreneur is someone who can jump off a cliff and build a plane on the way down. If that's the case, Lindsay Marie and Brennon Lundy are two of the best damn pilots I've ever seen! Appreciate you guys stopping by." - Ajay Rampersad,  Humber College




"Finally! Trainers that didn't get their accreditation off the internet. 
These two are college educated trainers, who take a fun, HOLISTIC approach to health and weight loss. It's so frustrating when you meet trainers that just prescribe hours of fasted cardio (yawn). Or disregard injuries or chronic challenges (i.e. previous injuries, difficulty breathing, chronic back pain). I find other trainers often prescribe a one size fits all plan for fitness, which has made it super hard for me - someone with a surgically altered shoulder - to stick to a plan. 
Not these guys. 
Their workouts are fun, dynamic, and progressive - they change with you too keep you hooked. 
I know it's hard to trust that some random trainer will give you results... I was pretty hesitant of committing to anyone when I moved to Ontario for this past summer... but these guys are worth it I promise." - Danielle, personal training member

“I have worked out for many years and been very fit.  However, age and a few bad habits finally caught up with me and, this fall, I found myself the heaviest I have ever been, with weight related health issues and a complete lack of self-confidence and motivation.  I joined the 9 Week Overhaul program and Danielle immediately connected with me, learned about my eating habits and designed a personalized weekly nutrition plan that was very easy to follow.  Lindsay’s personalized workouts were designed with a focus on moving correctly to avoid injury as well as successive movements to build core strength confidence. In one of my most recent email exchanges with Danielle, I wrote “I now feel stronger, I have sustained energy throughout the day at work, I can walk the dog farther each week and I feel happier when I get up each morning.”  Thank you very much to Lindsay and Danielle who have helped me lose 8 pounds and 6cm in 9 weeks and, through all their support and guidance, have helped me regain my confidence that I can continue to make positive lifestyle changes.” Michele, 9 Week participant & now small group training member

"I really needed to something about my obesity and sedentary lifestyle. My joints ached, going up and down stairs was a real chore and my gardening had become near to impossible. I couldn't even play with my grandchildren for more than a few minutes without resting. I was just not enjoying life. Starting the 9 Week Fat Loss and Lifestyle Overhaul Program seemed frightening, until I actually began. Danielle offered changes to my diet and kept me on track with monitoring and engaging personal interaction. Lindsay started my exercise program on such a positive note, taking into consideration my physical limitations and very quickly my strength and endurance began to increase. At the end of 9 weeks I was 11 pounds lighter and full of a newly discovered energy and optimism. I am once again gardening (Look out weeds!) and stairs are no longer a challenge. The grandkids can't believe what an energetic soccer player Grandma has become.  My quality of life is so much better after the 9 Week Fat Loss and Lifestyle Overhaul.Thank you Lindsay and Danielle."  - Kate, 9 Week participant & now small group training member


"I've been training with Lindsay and Brennon from TrainMeFit for over 3 years now and I can honestly say that they have completely transformed my life. I hated exercise, my breathing was laboured and I could barely lift any weight. Their supportive coaching style got me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to challenge myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. I am now way stronger and fitter than I ever thought I could be. The small group sizes allow L & B to really get to know your strengths and weaknesses so that they can target and correct any unsafe movement that other trainers may not identify. The small group training also allows you to meet great people and creates accountability to encourage you to get to class even when you don't feel like working out. If your interest is even slightly piqued, give them a call and try out a session. You won't regret it!" - Laura, small group training member

“I used to be quite active, but over the last year and a half, I was on a plane 2-3 weeks out of every month.  This wreaked havoc on my health, as I was eating poorly and not exercising consistently.  This led to weight gain and constant fatigue and I knew I had to make some changes.  This year, my traveling slowed down and recognized now was the time to make some changes.  The only problem was, who can help me?  Having participated in CrossFit before, I knew that would be too much for me, considering the shape I was in.  I needed something challenging but not overwhelming.  I also needed help with my nutrition as my diet was out of whack.  I came across www.9weekoverhaul.com and gave Lindsay a call.  I was immediately impressed by her consultative manner, and her ability to make me feel that I could overcome the current state I was in.  She then put me in touch with Danielle (the nutritionist) who worked with me on a nutrition plan.  She made the plan specific for me, based on my age, weight and current eating patterns.  The key with the plan is it is very simple to follow.  When I started working out with Lindsay, she has a fine balance of pushing you but also recognizing your limits.  The other thing that impressed me about Lindsay’s approach to exercise is her focus on form, she would rather have you do it right with less weight and less reps.  This sets the foundation for increased activity later on.  Thank you Lindsay and Danielle for your professionalism, knowledge and approach to your customers.  I would recommend your program to anyone looking to get back into exercise."  Andrew, 9 Week participant

“When I first met Lindsay I was in a workout slump, bored of my routine and stagnant in my progress. What Lindsay  was able to offer me was a plan that rejuvenated my excitement for a daily sweat, and gave me accountability towards personal fitness and lifestyle goals.  The plan, including monthly personal training and weekly workout plans, was adaptable to a lifestyle that takes me on the road, to diet choices that are deeply important to me and to my injury challenges. In less than 3 months with TrainMeFit’s robust plan, I have already seen considerable improvement in my injury recovery, form correction in strength training and increased
confidence stepping outside of cardio routines.” - Brittnei, remote programming member

“...Since I started this program, my bone density has improved, my immune system is stronger than before and I feel much better. I also gained muscle mass. My level of fitness was not fantastic when I started but I have developed strength and confidence and now I am totally hooked. If you hate the thought of exercise but want all the benefits that comes with it, then this is the solution for you as the super trainers Lindsay and Brennon will guide you through to achieve your goals. They are very knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful and they make each workout fun and worthwhile to do.” - Yasmin, small group training member

"I have been working with Lindsay and Brennon for 5 years and their expertise, knowledge and passion is evident in every session.  They take the time to get to know each clients individual needs and goals and safely develop a program.  In working with Lindsay and Brennon and having various movement patterns assessed I have gained strength, confidence and improved weaknesses and muscle imbalances.  If you are looking for a safe, fun and supportive workout environment I highly recommend the TrainMeFit team!" - Laura, personal training client

"Lindsay and Brennon are professional, caring, and flexible. They are always willing to work with my schedule and cater our appointments to my specific needs with regards to timing and the type of training I need. I highly recommend them!" - Kayla, personal training member

CBC's The National, 2013