Show Yourself Some Love in 2019

December 31, 2018

Another new year is just 12 hours away, and regardless of your feelings about new year's resolutions this inherently becomes a time of reflection and forethought. 


2018 was a tough year for us, our friends and family, and our extended circle. In just 3 months we lost our uncle, Brennon's step father, and a close family friend. More loved ones were diagnosed with cancer as other friends and family members continued their own battles. Our friends lost their parents much too soon, and the close circles of our friends also suddenly lost life long best friends, or were diagnosed with rare, life changing diseases. If there was ever a year that challenged our strength, perspective and mental fortitude, this was it. 


Between the grief and exhaustion, 2018 taught us lessons that I'm sure we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. First and foremost, life is easier when you are surrounded by people who love and support you. When friends and family show up life's most challenging moments become bearable; never underestimate the strengthening effect of a quick phone call, a hot meal or heartfelt card. More importantly, hold your friends and family close. Take care of them, appreciate their presence and show your love without reserve. 


2018 also made clear the importance of appreciating your health if you are lucky enough to have it. Consider how often we make choices that take our health for granted. Do you move your body every day? Do you eat vegetables? Do you smoke? Do you sleep?


In 2018 we lost people suddenly. People who would have categorized themselves as healthy, but were then suddenly gone. We've said this before, but please remember that every choice you make leads you towards health or away from it. Health is not simply the absence of a diagnosed disease, but the knowledge that you are actively avoiding it through healthy daily choices.


In 2018 we also lost people slowly. People who had been sick for a long period of time, if not their whole lives, who I know would have given anything to be well. If you are lucky enough to have your health, love yourself enough to keep it. 


Living well does not have to be complicated. It can be going for a walk daily, doing body weight resistance work at home and stacking half your plate with vegetables. It can be signing yourself up for a new challenge like a 10K walk, talking to your doctor about smoking cessation or finding a therapist to help address a mental health issue. It can be making a bigger effort to catch up with friends, enrolling in a course to challenge your mind, or giving yourself permission to get 8 hours of sleep every night. 


At the end of the day, of course we all value our health. But somewhere along the way we can fall for the misconception that valuing it is enough to keep it. If you need help determining whether your actions are in line with your values, check out this past TrainMeFit blog. 


We know everyone is walking away from 2018 with a lesson or two learned. We hope you are moving into 2019 with a love for yourself that allows you to adopt the habits that will keep you well for many more years to come. 


We wish you all love, laughter and good health in 2019! 



Lindsay & Brennon

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