Are you as independent as you think?

February 12, 2018

Take a look at the following list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks we Canadians have to tackle. How many of them can you complete on your own without feeling exhausted or sore?



1. Laundry (including carrying a laundry basket up and down stairs)

2. Shoveling 

3. Vacuuming 

4. Household chores like dusting, dishes, cleaning tubs and toilets 

5. Walking up and down stairs 

6. Carrying groceries into your house 

7. Changing the sheets on your bed

8. Getting in and out of the tub/shower

9. Getting in and out of a seated position (out of car,
off couch, on/off toilet)

10. Walking moderate distances (like through an airport, to the store or through the mall)

Too often we assume that tasks like the ones above become difficult just because we are getting older; however, these tasks (typically) become difficult as a result of our lifestyle habits. 


If you are already noticing that you can't complete as many daily tasks as you used to without difficulty, imagine the position you will be in a few years from now. Think about it: if you can't get yourself in and out of the shower or on and off the toilet, you can no longer live independently. 


A few years ago we had a woman in her late 40s join our small group training. We asked her why she decided to start now, and she said she could no longer stand on one foot without falling over when stepping out of the shower. This discovery made her worry about her future and so she decided to do something about it. 


It is never too late to save or regain your independence. Check out Marcia, who is turning 69 next month. When she joined us she struggled to get off the floor - now look at her! In fact we have three members who are in their 60s, who were effectively new to exercise when they joined, and who are now confident in their ability to get through their day with energy and ease. One of these members has even survived a heart attack! 


TrainMeFit members notice that our sessions are not simply 60 minutes of jumping around. When you begin a session with us we immediately address your movement patterns and muscle activation with workout specific warm ups and a chunk of time dedicated to ensuring you are proficient at the movements of the day (if you are not, we modify them for you until you are). With the right trainers you can ensure that not only are you getting your exercise in, but you are learning how to move safely and efficiently in your activities of daily living. Just ask our members who hear our voices in their heads yelling "squeeze your glutes" when they walk up the stairs, knee-pain free! 


So if you have noticed that the day to day is a little harder than it has been in the past, we encourage you to begin exercising. Click here to learn about the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for adults and seniors and make sure you are hitting these targets. Remember, maintaining your independence is the minimum - we want you to be able to have all the adventure, fun and excitement life has to offer too!


You have the power to change the course of your future. You have the power to maintain your independence and health for as long as possible. Exercising a few times a week may be hard (and we get that), but losing your independence is harder. 


Lindsay Branton











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