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Lindsay Branton, Owner
BASc Applied Science in Kinesiology (April 2020)

Education & Certifications

Community Engagement


Lindsay became a certified trainer in 2011, and has been active in the fitness and health industry ever since. She has worked with a variety of populations including seniors and young athletes, but has focused her work with TrainMeFit on adults who are new to physical activity. A critical part of working with Lindsay is understanding that your goals are going to be health and fitness focused; she takes you away from the scale. Lindsay wants you to focus on increasing your strength and improving your aerobic capacity; she wants you to value your health and long term independence over aesthetics. When your goals are positively focused and you are becoming stronger every week, your body composition will change and your health will improve.

Lindsay is proud to say she has helped clients lower dosages of hypertension medication (and in some cases discontinue use), improve cholesterol levels, decrease resting heart rate, and return to safe blood sugar levels after being diagnosed as pre-diabetic. 


Lindsay also specializes in back pain and has helped many clients figure out how to exercise and get through the day without pain. Lindsay addresses movement patterns, muscle weaknesses/imbalances, and daily load to help erase faulty mechanics.  

Lindsay's clients work hard, but she strives to ensure they are also having fun! Once fundamental movements like squats, activation planks and hip hinges are consistently performed correctly, she will introduce you to garage-style, functional training with influences from her background in CrossFit. While she never gives you more than you can handle, she will always push you outside of your comfort zone. 

If you are ready to take control of your health, Lindsay is ready to help!

Brennon Lundy, Owner
Diploma, Fitness & Health
CrossFit Level 2

Brennon offers personal training sessions at our CrossFit Brampton location. 

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Jayden Hylton, Trainer

BASc Applied Science in Kinesiology (April 2020)
Ontario Fitness Council

Education & Certifications

About Jayden

About five years ago I looked in the mirror and I made a promise, not to fitness, but to self-improvement.  Since that day I've worked towards my goals, and I desire to work with others to achieve theirs. I've learned that mental well being is heavily associated with a healthy active lifestyle. I am a graduate of the Fitness and Health Promotion program at Humber College,  and am now pursuing a degree in kinesiology. My personal exercise routines consist of body weight, high intensity intervals, circuits, core, and resistance training programs.

Laura Brown, Trainer
BASc in Kinesiology 

Education & Certifications

  • BASc Kinesiology (University of Waterloo)

  • Massage Therapy diploma - Elmcrest College of Applied Sciences

  • Nutritional Consulting diploma - Alive Academy of Natural Health

About Laura

Laura has been working in the health and fitness industry since 2005.  She has been passionate about sports for as long as she can remember and that passion has grew to include all things health, fitness and nutrition related. 

Laura is positive, energetic and driven. Her goal is to educate and encourage individuals who are working to make positive changes in their health.  Along with working toward your fitness goals, Laura has the experience and education to offer advice on lifestyle and nutrition. She will help navigate and support you on your journey to becoming healthier and fitter.