Jordyn Echlin

Jordyn Echlin

Coach / Kinesiologist


Registered Kinesiologist

Honours BSc in Kinesiology at Guelph-Humber University

Honours Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at Humber College

OFC Personal Training Certifiation

First Aid and CPR Certified

Experience in Cardiac Rehab and Senior Activation

About Coach

I grew up in a small town North of Brampton where recreational activities were limited, however, I was always active and had a love for the outdoors. My favorite sport was (and still is) soccer. I also enjoyed volleyball, track and field, swimming, and dancing. I found a love for exercise throughout high school when I started my fitness and kinesiology courses. I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. My mom was a kinesiologist at the time, and it just seemed fitting to follow in her footsteps in the same field! To teach exercise!

Turning Point

Growing up I was always a bigger kid. I lacked self-confidence because of this. When I started my fitness journey in high school, I lost a bunch of weight and saw major gains in my performance. This pushed me to continue my fitness journey into college. While in College, I gained a lot of the weight back. I stopped working out because I thought I could afford to stop. I started eating out more, and not taking care of myself the way I should have been. I lost my dad to cancer during my final exams. I persevered and finished, but I needed a mental break. I took a year off to work in Cardiac Rehab at Oakville Hospital. This position inspired me to continue with school and become a Kinesiologist. While in College and University, I worked at the Chrysler Assembly plant in Brampton. I debated taking a full-time job because I was comfortable. I couldn't forget everything I went to school for and needed to find my groove again. I took a trip to Ecuador and Galapagos Islands as a study abroad with my school. I found a new love for nature and more importantly learning. I learned a lot about myself on that trip, and I knew I needed to make a change. I quit Chrysler during the pandemic, focused on finishing school, and started working for myself cleaning houses. Fast forward to now, I have been working with Trainmefit since August 2021. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and continue with my own fitness journey, all while helping others. I have completed continuing education in back health, heart health, and concussion management. I plan to continue learning and am currently focusing on orthopedic testing for the upper and lower limbs.

Motivation & Passion

My passion to teach and help people started at a young age and has blossomed throughout my experiences in school. When I lost my dad, I realized he was not taking care of himself. Working in cardiac rehab showed me that I could help others improve their quality of life. I am passionate about helping people understand the importance of nutrition and exercise, as well as teaching people how to perform functional movements correctly. I want anyone that walks into the gym to feel comfortable and like they can work out! I am also passionate about nature and the outdoors - I love to hike, camp, and explore! I want to help the world we live in by being environmentally conscious and educating others to do the same.

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