Okay, maybe "thriving" is aiming a little high. If you're anything like me, you hate the winter. The cold, the snow, the lack of sunshine... hate, hate, hate. But I digress. 

Winter is a fact of life in Ontario, and in reality the cold and dark account for the majority of our year. As tempting as it is to opt for warm blankets and hot chocolates over leaving the...

February 12, 2018

Take a look at the following list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks we Canadians have to tackle. How many of them can you complete on your own without feeling exhausted or sore?

1. Laundry (including carrying a laundry basket up and down stairs)

2. Shoveling 

3. Vacuuming 

4. Household chores like dusting, dishes, cleaning tubs and toilets 

5. Walking up and...

Brampton personal trainers share the research on exercising outdoors, along with beautiful trails & paths to take advantage of this spring. Learn where you can stand up paddle board, swim & get Nordic Pole walking lessons!

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When we think about aging, we think about decreased mobility, weakness, medications, illness and a lack of independence; however, the truth is that lifestyle is often the culprit, not aging. While there are some exceptions to this statement, for most of us the changes that occur with age are simply the results of yea...

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While being overweight or obese is not typically ideal for health, the notion that simply being heavy will diminish our health status is not accurate. Research shows us it is a lack of physical activity that has increased the amount of chronic disease in our society. According to the Lancet Special Report on Ph...

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