As I sit down to write this blog I have ice on my swollen knee, a pillow propped behind my ever-aggravated neck and a pillow under my legs so as not to irritate the herniated disc or finicky facet joints in my low back. I am consciously taking deep breaths to ward off anxiety and am looking forward to a good night's sleep that will allow me to have a more balan...

The bad news is that all the little health-related decisions we make throughout the day add up.

Every piece of candy, piece of office birthday cake, can of pop, glass of wine, second helping, or use of takeout can amount to pre-diabetes or diabetes, heart disease, and/or weight gain. Every decision to get the closest parking spot, use the closest washroom, to wa...

As we become more aware of the importance of mental wellness, the effects of stress, and the value of balance there is a big push to participate in activities in the name of self-love or self-care. This is fantastic and undeniably important in this culture of go-go-go, but are you hurting your health by "loving" yourself? 

If you’ve ever met either of us TrainMe...

Brampton personal trainers share the research on exercising outdoors, along with beautiful trails & paths to take advantage of this spring. Learn where you can stand up paddle board, swim & get Nordic Pole walking lessons!

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Show Yourself Some Love in 2019

December 31, 2018

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